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February 8, 2006
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The 2 Big Qs by AnubisGraph The 2 Big Qs by AnubisGraph
1st : i wana say i'm sorry to all who have been offended by the Previous ver. of this Deviation
after a lot of talking i found out that this is not the best way to deal with the problem

2 questions kept bugging me

the 1st is : why did they do such a thing ( not all ofcourse ) ? and why do they insist of keep doing it ? and thinking that they r doing the right thing
مالكم لا ترجون لله وقارا * وقد خلقكم اطوارا * ألم تروا كيف خلق الله سبع سماوات طباقا * وجعل القمر فيهن نوراً وجعل الشمس سراجا *
والله انبتكم من الأرض نباتا * ثم يعيدكم فيها ويخرجكم إخراجا * والله جعل لكم الأرض بساطا * لتسلكو منها سبلا فجاجا

صدق الله العظيم
سورة توح

the 2nd : What shall we do in such cases ?

the 1st Q is for the danish ppl
the 2nd Q if for muslims

my answer to the second Q ( which is some of my friends answer as well ) is :
violance is not the solution in this case and it's not in most cases
then what would be ? i say lets show them what Islam realy is
lets show them how our great and beloved prophet was
so they would respect Islam and the prophet Muhammad
respect based on love not fear

you may be angry ... yes it's natural ... i am
but lets behave out selves and act the same way the prophet acted 1427 years ago

i hope that we all get the message

Full View is recomended <-------------
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schnabela Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2006
no prolem, im glad it turned out allright after all :)

keep up the deviant spirit.
AnubisGraph Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
:D i will :rose:
schnabela Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2006
im sorry, i dont think i quite read the whole text through before submitting it...

"is a minority that shares the opinion that the drawings was right to publish, including myself"

that line should have ended with, "not including myself", meaning that im not a part of the minority that defends the drawings!, In fact i have always been very much against them.

When that is said, i agree with you on many points. We puplished it and should, and have taken, full responsibillity for our actions. We should also do very much to make sure that anyone else does not make the same mistake.
It is still, however, my opinion that many of the issues in this case, lies in lack of comminication between the danish government and the ambassadors, that requested Anders Fogh's opinion on the immigration debat in denmark.

The apology, was too late i also agree with you on that, but then again if an apology cannot be accepted, how should we ever do anything about it. Accepting the apology will, as i see it, the first step in solving the problem.
You have discussed this earlier in the debat how the prophet stands for respecting ennemies, and always be forgiving (please correct me if im wrong).
Therefore i think it is very essentiel to be able to talk with oneanother like we normaly talk with other people (like we are doing now)

And again the term freedom of speech, is a very danish term and should be used lightly when it concerns other cultures and nations.
Freedom of speech has had a very high prority thoughout danish political history, and general danish history for that matter. That is the fact that makes me underline, that in my opinion this problem has started with one big understanding and a very big mistake by "Jyllands Posten"

And again, im simply trying to explain some things in denmark, not to defend anything. I am as neutral as it gets in this case, i take neither one side or the other.
AnubisGraph Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
you are a very reasonable person ...... i'm realy glad that we talked :rose:

keep it touch plz
schnabela Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2006
do you guys ever watch anything else than arabic television? If you do, you would also be aware that "Jyllands Posten" apologized for the offending of the drawings. That also means that they does not continue what they were doing, but the discussion has been taken to another level, the political level. That was what the danes didn't want in the first place. First of all, because the government has nothing to do whit it, and second because, we in in denmark belive that you should be able to take the consequence of your own actions, that means that you should not be angry at the danish people og the government for that matter, but at the newspaper, who thought it was right to publish the drawings.

The thing that bothers me the most is the reason of this conflict, and this particularly debat:

misunderstanding between two very different cultures. The big difference lies in the understanding of "freedom of speech".
If you ask me, the drawings was to much, and not very civilized especially because they where not apointed to other danes, but to very many people arround the world.
If you lived in denmark you would se that we offend our own people (the politicians, our own religion, what so ever) all the time, but we do it with a sense of irony, which makes it just a matter of entertainment.
What the newspaper did wrong, was not considering the consequences of offending a people whitout the same relaxed opinion on "freedom of speech".

A thing whorty to remember is that the drawings was posted in september 2005, but the islamic nations has not seriuosly reacted on the drawings before danish muslims traveled the middle eastern contries, while telling storries about the situation in denmark. The storries however was not always the exact truth. I don't know exactly how to say this, but: a piece of bred with an extra amount of butter on it!

I hope you understand my point of view, and it maybe makes you a little less angry with every dane in the world, and make you realise, that this could have happended in every other western country. And if you should not be aware of it, the drawings have been published in several other countries.

As a last comment, i would like to make it clear that it really is a minority that shares the opinion that the drawings was right to publish, including myself. And understand that my contribution to the debat, has no intention to attack anyone, im simply trying to explain a danish point of view.
AnubisGraph Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
i thanks you for your comment dear .
i don't think that we should be angry at the danish ppl ( at least not all ) coz we can not make them all responsible for what the Jyllands Posten did
but you are missing the point in here
the problem now is ....... how free can someone speek?

it's not right to make fun of other ppl religon ( and Especialy religon ) and put it under the turm : freedom of speech
ppl should me more responsible

about other countries that published the drowings ...... yes others did it too ...... but who started it ?
apologizing came too late and something is needed to be done to make sure that this would never happened again
by posting it the 1st time and reposting it over and over again ..... they encouraged the others to do the same
i have one thing to say ...... my freedom stops when the freedom of the others starts
and sorry to say that .... but you ( and the minority ) are wrong about what you think
el3sl Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2006
well i agreed before with u and so do i now

AnubisGraph Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
Stelthman Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2006  Hobbyist Interface Designer
well.......... I don't know what to say about it. I read a lot of comments about this subject here. Some have a point on what they say, but how can we show them the tru meaning of islam & what's islam is all about & who is our prophet & how a great person he was. we cannot show much in art about islam , but we can educate them & show them that they are wrong about us. not by insulting, not by violence.

Good luck man, good work..
neverness Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2006
Salaam alaikum brother,

Inshallah I will try to reply this since I'm a Muslim living in the west, whose responsibilty is to give dawah. Inshallah we will (have been doing it for a while) have an open house in the masjid where I live. We'll invite our neighbours and inshallah some newspaper editors to this meeting and introduce them Islam. This has been the major activity we've been doing in the USA. Maashallah our sisters in Islam are better in this because they dress according to the Sunnah and they are attraction to non-muslims. I'm hearing stories where a non-muslim approaches to a sister and asking questions about Islam. They especially ask to our sisters because they wear the hijab.
This is what we are doing in the USA. But there is also something we all can do here in DA, doesn't matter where we live. I try to put as much Islamic references and articles on my journal as possible, including links to Islamic websites. Let's do this Inshallah. Every Muslim member of this site put a brief information about Islam and our beloved Prophet(sav) in their journals, including links to Islamic websites. Let's try to drive attention by our works on Islam. It could be a photograph of a mosque, a digital painting, a graphic design, a caligraphic work, anything representing Islam in a good manner. These are my humble sugestions.

May Allah help us succeed in our struggle...
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