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WOW, where did my Avatar go, and whats up with every ones Avatar, did someone hacked DA?
Dear brothers and sisters

2day i have something to report to all of you, a good Deviantartist iamjero :iconiamjero: just sent me a very disturbing comment
telling me that many of my logo designs has been ripped of by someone on website claiming that its that companies portfolio, OMG!!!!!

............ HE IS RIGHT ............
check it out… they call themselves

and here is some of my stolen logos :
Taybah countryside logo by AnubisGraph Lamasat Ebda3ia logo 2 by AnubisGraph Dar almadinah logo 4 by AnubisGraph Masakin logo by AnubisGraph
and here is the link where they are posted :……

and its not only my logos but many other logos I've seen b4 for artists here in DA, HOW LOW PPL CAN GO
how can these ppl expect to work when they are ripping other ppl work to attract clients, this is a fraud & day light theft
if you see a logo you know ..... please tell the original artist about it

here are some logo Ive noticed there and it belongs to an artist in here
-Shift- Logo by El3ment4l ecarus - fake logo by jsmonzani Aquaflame Logo by caesaraldhela AptRush by AbhaySingh1

i was thinking about what to do in these cases and it came to me that such websites can be reach through a search .... so we can beat them in that ..... how? by submitting as much journals about this website as possible and commenting on it much to make it to the top of a search  and this way the client will see some of these journals even b4 they see that website link

and make it Obvious to read
Please Spread the word :rose:

Many thanks

Featuring ME :)

Tue Mar 24, 2009, 9:33 AM

Salam all brothers and sisters
i Hope you all are fine and in good health
back to the my old same feature

so here is some of my Previous work
hope you like it

----------------------- Daily Deviation -----------------------
RoboSpider V2 Test2 by AnubisGraph

------------------------ logos ------------------------

Taybah countryside logo by AnubisGraph tanmiat aldiar Investment by AnubisGraph Lamasat Ebda3ia logo 2 by AnubisGraph
Dar almadinah logo 4 by AnubisGraph Dar almadinah logo by AnubisGraph Sgayer logo by AnubisGraph
abo 3alawi logo by AnubisGraph B. House by AnubisGraph Creative touches logo by AnubisGraph

------------------------  designs ------------------------

photocopy Center sign by AnubisGraph Shower Filter Flyer by AnubisGraph Hakawati Flyer by AnubisGraph
Electronic Goverment by AnubisGraph Just another lamp by AnubisGraph Toyota Flyer by AnubisGraph
Telephone Ist. Flyer by AnubisGraph :thumb65501274: Lamasat Ebda3ia stationary by AnubisGraph

------------------------  photography / food ------------------------

Salad by AnubisGraph Enjoy your meal 2 by AnubisGraph Enjoy your meal 3 by AnubisGraph
Enjoy your meal 5 by AnubisGraph Enjoy your meal 6 by AnubisGraph Enjoy your meal 7 by AnubisGraph
V.I.A.G.R.A by AnubisGraph Pepsi by AnubisGraph B B Q by AnubisGraph
P.A.S.T.R.I.E.S by AnubisGraph


Cosmetics 5 by AnubisGraph Cosmetics 7 by AnubisGraph Cosmetics 12 by AnubisGraph
cosmetics 2 by AnubisGraph Cosmetics 11 by AnubisGraph cosmetics 1 by AnubisGraph
Cosmetics 10 by AnubisGraph Cosmetics 4 by AnubisGraph Cosmetics 9 by AnubisGraph

in Syria

bani Omaiah by AnubisGraph al_hamidiyeh by AnubisGraph a moment in time by AnubisGraph
Tour 2 by AnubisGraph The Zabadani Plain by AnubisGraph Tour 3 by AnubisGraph

in al madinah al munawarah

Al Haram at night by AnubisGraph Al Miqat Mosque by AnubisGraph The Qiblatain Mosque by AnubisGraph
Hijaz TS 3 by AnubisGraph Ohod Mountin by AnubisGraph
Higher C by AnubisGraph Ever After by AnubisGraph Islamic Art by AnubisGraph Hijaz TS 4 by AnubisGraph

------------------------  digital art ------------------------

Desert Night by AnubisGraph Beyond by AnubisGraph The Day Of A.R.R.I.V.A.L by AnubisGraph
The Dark Side by AnubisGraph Wrath Of Thor by AnubisGraph Enjoy with a touch of color by AnubisGraph

------------------------  political ------------------------

Still Remember by AnubisGraph Thr 3 Monkys by AnubisGraph
The Massacres Continue by AnubisGraph Syria by AnubisGraph


Raw Models for Arab Leaders

Fri Jan 30, 2009, 2:52 PM

im confused .......
correct me if im wrong ........
we are arabs right?
are we ruled by arabs ?
who are the arabs ?

how do you define an arab?
coz every thing is messed up
as far as my knowledge ........ we arabs are brothers
we defend each others .....
we help each others ......
we stand by each others against any enemy ......
did i miss something ?
for gods sake tell me y am i seeing completely
the opposite of this?

Image Description

Venezuelan President Withdrew his ambassador from IsrsHell and kicks out theirs twice in 2006 & 2008 in protest for the IsraHelli war against lebanon and palestine

Image Description

Tayyip Erdogan the prime minister of turkey walks out of a session in protest at the content of a speech given by Shimon Peres at the World Economic Forum ..... while ..... Amr Moussa, the secretary-general of the Arab League, who was also on the platform ....... did nothing

Who Are These two ? are they arabs ? if im from a different planet
my answer will definitely be ...... "DUHHHH of course they are"  
y? coz they are doing what arabs are suppose to do ...... right ?
hmmmmmm lets see, on the other hand .......
some of the ARAB "or so called" counties
didnt even agree to attend to a summit to aid Gaza
after 20 days of killing left 1300 killed
and more than 5000 injured
and every day we hear a VERY ARABIC ANNOUNCEMENT here and there
blaming the resistance, cutting aids, hellping to keep the blockade,
even banning protests in the streets

since when IsraHell became on of the friends and allies ?
since when Resistance is terrorism and should be hunted down?

who are you ppl ? ........
ou are not who you are suppose to be at all
are you that corrupted and well paid?
are you this much of traitors ?
what will you answer when your ppl question you about that ?
and believe me it will be soon
and what will you answer to allah when he asks you about that later on ?
are you that blind and dead ? or maybe that IDIOT & MORON?

i have some words for you, you puppets .......
take those two up there as your raw model or just die
coz it will be much EZier for you than what will come after wards

WP.... from IsraHell with love

Tue Jan 13, 2009, 5:17 AM

1 by AnubisGraph2 . 5 by AnubisGraph3 and 4 by AnubisGraph3 and 4 by AnubisGraph
2 . 5 by AnubisGraph6 by AnubisGraph7 . 8 by AnubisGraph7 . 8 by AnubisGraph
9 by AnubisGraph10 by AnubisGraph11 by AnubisGraph12 by AnubisGraph
13 by AnubisGraph14 by AnubisGraph15 by AnubisGraph16 by AnubisGraph

-----------------التايمز:اسرائيل تستخدم القنابل الفسفورية في غزة-----------------

وردت جريدة التايمز البريطانية في تقريرا لها ان الجيش الاسرائيلي يستخدم في حربه في غزة القذائف الفسفورية،
واستشهدت الصحفية بدلائل عبارة عن صور فوتغرافية، رغم نفي اسرائيل لذلك وقالت الصحفية انها رصدت كميات
كبيرة من قنابل الفسفور الابيض، عبر الصور التي التقطت لوحدات الجيش الاسرائيلي على الحدود مع غزة.
وقال التقرير ان المدنيين الفلسطينيين عانوا من حروق ناتجة عن استخدم الاسلحة.
وقال الصحفية ان "استخدام القنابل المصنوعة من الفسفور الابيض ضد المدنيين ممنوع وفقا للقانون الدولي".
وذكرت الصحفية انها تحققت من قذائف لونها ازرق شاحب زرقاء اللون، ومكتوب عليها ام 825ايه1 كذخائر
فسفورية تصنيع الولايات المتحدة.
ويشتعل الفسفور الابيض عن امتزاجه بالاوكسجين، ويستخدمه الجيش الاسرائيلي من اجل تكوين سحابات من الدخان
لتتيح لقواته البرية التحرك، حسبما ذكرت التايمز.
وذكر العاملون في الفرق الطبية انهم يقومون بعلاج المصابين بحروق غربية، يشكون ان سببها الفسفور الابيض.
الا ان الصحيفة نقلت عن الناطقة باسم الجيش الاسرائيلي نفيها ان تكون القذائف التي ذكرها التقرير هي قذائف الفسفور
الابيض، وقالت الناطقة ان "هذا هو ما نطلق عليه قذائف خامدة .. انها قذائف فارغة، وهي لا تحتوي على متفجرات
ولا فسفور ابيض. لا يوجد شيء بداخلها".
وقالت الناطقة "نحن نطلقها كي نحدد الهدف قبل ان نطلق عليه القذائف الحقيقة. نحن نطلق قذيفتين او ثلاثة من القذائف
الفارغة حتى تكون القذائف الحقيقة دقيقة".
من جهتها قالت منظمة مراقبة حقوق الانسان العالمية "هيومان رايتس ووتش" ان استخدام القنابل الفسفورية مساو
لاستخدام القنابل العنقودية المحرمة دوليا والتي تنشر قنابل صغيرة على امتداد مساحة واسعة.
وتساءلت المنظمة الدولية عماذا كانت الطريقة التي يستخدم بها هذا السلاح"القنابل الفسفورية" يتفق مع التزامات اسرائيل
طبقا لمعاهدات جنيف والتي تنص على توخي كل التدابير الممكنة لحماية المدنيين.

المصدر: BBC…

Image Description Image Description Image Description Image Description Image Description Image Description Image Description
IsraHell Using WP Killing Civilians up to 1000 in Gaza

Gaza's burn victims add to pressure on army over phosphorus -------------------------------

Pressure grew on Israel to end the use of controversial white phosphorus yesterday as The Times saw more evidence of its deployment around civilian populations in Gaza.

More than 50 people with burns were taken into Nasser Hospital in the southern town of Khan Yunis, in what the hospital director, Youssef Abu Al-Reesh, said was a massive case of exposure to white phosphorus.

"We don't have the medical experience to judge these cases, but we searched the internet according to the cases we have, and it indeed confirmed that it's white phosphorus munitions. I have been working in this hospital for ten years and I have never seen anything like this."

The 1980 Geneva treaty says that white phosphorus should not be used as a weapon of war in civilian areas, but there is no blanket ban on its use as a smokescreen or for illumination. It produces a thick white smoke when exposed to oxygen, but can cause severe burns and melt flesh to the bone if it comes into contact with skin.

The sudden influx of burns patients at Nasser Hospital coincided with Israel's expanded ground offensive, which included the Al-Qarara and Kuza'a suburbs of Khan Yunis.

Muhammad Tahseen, 20, said that he was sitting outside his home in Al-Qarara when a shell exploded above. He described watching his two cousins writhe in pain as he stood metres away, unable to help. "There was an explosion and white smoke. I saw my cousins screaming . . . I saw them burning and their clothes burning. I saw their skin melting."

Doctors said that they were unable to provide further help to Muhammad Nabih Ahmed, 17, listed in critical condition with burns to the chest and back. The family hope to get Ahmed treated in an Egyptian hospital. But travel from Khan Yunis to the southern border with Egypt is treacherous, and many aid organisations have ceased travelling along the roads.

When first questioned by The Times last week an Israeli military spokesman "categorically denied" using white phosphorus in Gaza. In a statement issued yesterday the spokesman's office said: "We don't specify operational details, nor the type of ammunition that we use, but any ammunition that is used by the IDF [Israel Defence Forces] is within the scope of international law."

Human Rights Watch said it was sure Israel had used white phosphorus. "The use of white phosphorus in densely populated areas of Gaza violates the requirement under international humanitarian law to take all feasible precautions to avoid civilian injury and loss of life," it said.

Further research by The Times into the type of US-made shells being fired by Israeli gunners on the border with Gaza uncovered additional evidence that the light blue munitions, known as M825A1s, are carriers of white phosphorus, impregnated in more than 100 felt wedges.

The lot number – PB-91J011-002A – visible in a photograph published by The Times last week indicates that the shells being used by the IDF were assembled in September 1991 at Pine Bluff arsenal in America, where all US white phosphorus munitions are reportedly made. The contractors are Chamberlain Manufacturing [metal parts only], General Dynamics, and Ordnance and Tactical Systems.

White phosphorus can be air-burst or ground-burst. It emits a distinct garlic smell. When air-burst, it covers a larger area than ground-burst and is useful to mask large troop movements. However, this spreads the incendiary effect over a wider area.

Munir Albarsh, the Head of Emergency Medicine at Gaza's Ministry of Health, said that doctors were collecting tissue samples at hospitals across Gaza to send for phosphorus testing at international laboratories. He added that the ministry would demand an independent international investigation into Israel's use of white phosphorus.

Source: Times…

and if you are interested to see what this Horrific Internationally Illegal weapon does
there here are some photos ...... but i warn you

its very Violent & Graphic, its not for fainted harts
do not watch in with kids ..... ((( 18+ ))) ..... Dead Bodies

(… ) -- (… ) -- (… ) -- (… ) -- (… ) -- (… ) -- (… )

ولمزيد من المعلومات والتقفاصيل عن الفسفور الأبيض:…
for more information about the white phosphorus:…

Now can you tell me ...... who is the Terrorist?
i leave this question to your human conscious
you still have one right?


Fri Jan 9, 2009, 2:03 AM

Salam to all brothers and sisters
i urge you all to do the same
to show your support
May allah be with you

1 by AnubisGraph2 . 5 by AnubisGraph3 and 4 by AnubisGraph3 and 4 by AnubisGraph
2 . 5 by AnubisGraph6 by AnubisGraph7 . 8 by AnubisGraph7 . 8 by AnubisGraph
9 by AnubisGraph10 by AnubisGraph11 by AnubisGraph12 by AnubisGraph
13 by AnubisGraph14 by AnubisGraph15 by AnubisGraph16 by AnubisGraph

i want to say one thing
to my brothers and sisters in Islam
who think that this issue does not concern them
or support the so called MODERATE Countries
or just simply didnt left a finger

What are you going to say
when allah asks you
why you didnt do anything
while muslims are being killed?
how did you agree for killing muslims?
didnt you know that : كل المسلم على المسلم حرام, ماله و دمه وعرضه

go back to sleep
and think about it

for thoes who cares

Thu Nov 15, 2007, 2:09 AM

Hi all Friends
i missed you all
i was home for the Eid Vacation
and i had a surgery ( nose thing )
but i had few complications

i wasn't regaining consciousness
for almost an hour and a half
and the breathing tube ripped
my pharynx .
then i was suffocating for alomst a min
after i regain consciousness

OMG ... i alomst died

so ..... i ended home for almost
a week after that
without eating
without talking
without even sleeping

and i had to delay going back
to saudi arabiafor almost 10 days

any way

but thank allah
i'm fine now
... and back in business


Friend or Foe !! :)

Fri Sep 7, 2007, 9:37 AM

i wana start with a gift
I Send My Love by AnubisGraph

it came to my attention
that some ppl were frightened
to pay me a visit or even talk to me :)
common ........ i'm not the boogi man lol
i don't bite or any thing

for those who read my previous journal
you've  got the wrong Idea

i don't hate americans ..... not at all
i have many amerucan friend actualy

i just do not agree with your politicians
who make decisions for all of you
and i know that many americans do not agree with them as well
so do not be intimidated .
coz that's what they want you to think
that the rest of the world ( specialy muslims )
hates you and wana kill you

this is so worng .

and finaly as a muslim i say : Peace to all of you :heart: :hug:

The Kingdom Of Fear

Sun Apr 22, 2007, 6:03 PM
i want you to check this video…

this is exactly what is America is all about
and the same thing goes with Israel

they terories their owen ppl so they can kill the world
they use the boogi man ( you can call it what ever you want coz they gave it lots of names ) : osama bin ladin , sadam husain , hizbullah , Hamas , Muslims , ....... Ets.

at this final episode of this stupid act :
over 600,000 iraqi where killed since the americans entered the Iraq ..... that's about 5% of the Iraqi ppl

they are free allright ........... !!!!! free my ass

they call it the wor for iraq .....
and the rest of the world is calling it the war to End the Iraqies.........

they say ... sunnis are killing sheea ... sheea are killing sunnis
when did this happened ? ......... after they entered Iraq
so who's the causing all this ? ........ maybe Uganda ... or south africa .... right ? .......... who are you kidding here ? ..... the US is the reason for all the problems these days in the midle east .......

it's becose the arabs doesn't have dimocrecy in thier countries they say .....
well we all sow thier dimocrecy in Iraq ..... that killed 5% of the ppl
and when ppl elect who they want in palastine .... nooooooooo they are terorists ......... they don't talk about dimocrecy any more ..... just muslim Extreamists ........ Hamas are terorists ...... and Israel is a peaceful country that goes to the palastinie lands and kills at least one inocent human and some times children every single day .......... to protect them selves ...... OMG that kid has a stone in his hand ...... he is stoning our tank wich is marching to distroy his house and kill his family ......... OMG what kind of ppl would make a child do this .... those muslim Extreamist .......
it's terorism to defend your land
it's terorism to defend your home
it's terorism to defend your honor
it's terorism to defend your family
it's terorism to defend your kids

but nooooooo .... we are defendind out selves ..... hey do you remember when hitler built that wall in berlin ?

wow ... what a great idea ..... lets make another use of the natzies
we draind the blood of every one that not even close to this lie
so y not we make another use of it .
lets build a wall .... yeaaaah

ohhh nooooooo ....... hizbullah the terorists ... they are fighting to free their lands ... OOOPs i mean our lands in south lebanon
those Bastards ... they took back part of thier land ..... OOOOps again ... our land .... yeah yeah yeah ...... our land  ( becareful pall , ppl may start to ask questions , be carful what you say, we don't want anyone to notice our big fat lying ass ,,,,, ok ok sorry boss )

where were we ? ... oh yeah !!!
lets bomb lebanon ....... wait wait ... i can see children over there in Qana ........ Kill them kill them all ..... they are terorists
they have stones every where .......... wapons of mass distruction
bomb them .... tear them apart ......i love the site of blood and teared bodies ..... specialy the small ones ......... yeah yeah ...... i'm so excited

WE ARE DEFENDING OUR SELVES ...... and we are a Dimocratic countries .... OOOOOH yeah

End of comic story called ( WAR AGAINST TERORISM )
writen by : G. W. BUSH ...........

word of the writer :
don't worry i still have lots of fun , wars to do .... i'll be back